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I am Elena Volkova. And this is my blog about cruises.

Why cruise holidays are special?

The captain of cruise ship greets passengers every day. Comfort stewarts also give attention to travelers. Live music. Staircase dotted with Swarovski stones. This is luxury hotel on the water.

The holiday is imbued with the spirit of magic and care. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Even the most inexpensive interior cabin welcomes you with warmth and comfort. Access to all kinds of food around the clock. And the daily newspaper tells about program on the ship today.
Here it is, the dream of a girl whose prom and wedding dress are left behind!

The holiday you are a princess is still possible. And the magic doesn't go away at midnight. It remains throughout the journey. And the aftertaste — until the next holiday.
You don't need to pay on the ship because you has already been paid.

Food in any restaurant, fitness room, performances and concerts, swimming pools and jacuzzis, water attractions and snacks at any time of the day. All this relieves the stress of waiting for the bill. Because there is no bill. Everything is included from fine dining to all kinds of entertainment options, morning, afternoon and evening

Paradise for a man. When he doesn't think about money on a perfect holiday with family.

Once I was attracted by bus tours, in which we can visit several cities or even countries at a time. But ... this is far from the word "comfort". Sleeping in the bus. Lack of 24 hour access to shower and toilet. A minimum of clothes. And a small suitcase like a satellite.

The cruise ship wins this race unambiguously. We can spend nights on the dance floor or in a cozy cabin. 24 hour access to shower, toilet and food. In the evening there is always a reason to wear an evening dress. And a suitcase is needed only until we reach ship. Travel from port to port, country to country without worrying about your luggage and transportation.

For a seven-day cruise, we can visit five - six cities. And sometimes several countries. And all this time we can be completely light! No suitcase burden.

Usually, a cruise ship stops at the port in the morning and leaves only in the evening. And we have all day long to explore the most popular places of the city.

* the map shows an example of a cruise that starts and ends in Barcelona. Six cities, three countries.

Paradise for parents with children.

As a mom, I understand the importance of family vacations. Family vacation strengthens relationships. Especially when everyone is exempt from cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, etc. Everything is done for you here.

A unique time for communication. What is missing in daily life.

We need personal time for ourself or a romantic evening definitely. And this is also thought out on the cruise ship.
Entertainment is provided for all ages. Equipped children's rooms take care of our visitors while their parents are resting.
Let's just see ...

For example, Greece is open for cruises this year. One of the most popular cruise lines is MSC Cruises. 7 days cruise from September to October 2022. $1608 for two people. Now for a little math. 1608: 2: 7 = $ 115 per person per day. Not very cheap. But there are still options. For example, other dates.

*this one taken from the website
Yeah, interesting.

The price depends on the date and on the type of cabin. The higher the class of the cabin, the higher the price.
And the further away from the summer vacation, the cheaper.

So, at the end of October, we can book already for $ 1025, which is $ 73 per day per person.
*this one taken from the website
In 2016, the international company InCruises was founded, which has contracts with many cruise lines. World’s first and only travel membership club focused on the cruise industry. Member of CLIA with Partner Members in over 190 countries all over the world.

The terms of these contracts allow us to book cruises around the world with benefit a 50% from the price. So we have the possibility of direct booking without the participation of travel agents and receiving a favorable price.

One of the conditions for such a booking is membership in the Club InCruises. Anyone over the age of 18 can become a member of the Cruise Club. Country of residence or citizenship does not matter. I have been a member of the cruise club since March 31, 2019. I do not pay membership fees or any hidden fees. I keep my travel money in a my savings account.

What are the conditions for membership in the Cruise Club?

Each member of the Cruise Club receives a savings account for future travels. One of the important conditions is the monthly replenishment of the account for own holidays. The deposit amount is $100. After 14 days of membership, we will be able to book our first cruise using the amount from our savings account.

*For your financial protection (INCRUISES INTERNATIONAL LLC) is a member of Trust My Travel and membership number is (TMT56252). All client money paid to INCRUISES INTERNATIONAL LLC, whether by bank transfer or card payment is paid into an independently managed Trust Account held at Barclays Bank in the UK. This means in the unlikely event of our financial failure you will receive a refund for the services you have paid for.

So what's the benefit?

InCruises uses its own currency called cruise dollars. All money in the savings account is converted into cruise dollars at a rate of 1 to 2. My monthly top-up of $ 100 is converted into 200 cruise dollars. So booking a cruise by cruise dollars, at the same price as directly from the cruise line, I get a 50% benefit.

Now let's imagine that I book this cruise, which left me $ 73 per day. Paying in cruise dollars, the cruise costs me $ 36.5 per day. Sounds very good actually.

So I can find only a hotel for $ 30-40 per night. If we add expenses for breakfast, lunch and dinner, coffee in a cozy cafe and an evening program, then the amount will grow several times. Cruising is 30% to 50% LESS than a comparable land vacation!

There is definitely a benefit ...
Let's take a look at the photo below

In my 31 month membership, I have amassed 6,200 cruise dollars. The photo shows the dates of the deposit of money and their conversion into cruise dollars.

The photo also shows the refund amount for the canceled cruise. During my membership in the Cruise Club, I booked several cruises, which were canceled and the money returned to the account.

Thanks to my monthly savings, I was able to create a "vacation bill" for an amount that allows my family to travel at least four times a year. The cruise base has over 5,000 vacation destinations. And they are all available for booking. Starting from Alaska and ending with Japan.

What about the pandemic?

Of course, the pandemic has made adjustments. We couldn't travel for a long time. However, the tourism industry is recovering from the covid impact. The ships have already started touring. I have the pleasure to observe my colleagues who have embarked into this amazing world of cruise travel.
If you are an existing traveler or just dream of becoming one, then please reach out to us to check our offers by filling out the form (please scroll down below)

What do we offer?
Guest check-in at the Cruise Club (free)

Meet real people who have been on cruises (booked through the Cruise Club)

Consultation (both on choosing a cruise and on a profitable booking system)

Find out how you can buy a franchise and make a business
Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
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